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writing bio

Belle's short fiction has been published in numerous literary journals and her novel manuscript 'River' has received multiple awards. She recently participated in an awarded place in the 2021 WestWords Academy, and is currently undertaking a WestWords Emerging Writers Fellowship with mentor, Delia Falconer. When she is not revising 'River', she enjoys experimenting with photo-fiction.




2021 Prevailing Wind, Westerly Magazine, UWA Publishing

2021 The Dunes, WestWords Living Stories

2019 A Kindness, Blume Illustrated

2013 Hot Water Bottle, ‘Untitled’, Busybird Publishing

2013 Wind at the Polls, ‘Flashers’, Seizure online

2012 On a Sunday, Highly commended in poetry competition and published in ‘Tango Australis’

2011 Ostwaren, ‘The Famous Reporter’, Walleah press

2011 Community Service, ‘Vibewire’, online

2011 One Quiet Beer, ‘FourW Twenty-two New Writing’, fourWpress

2010 The Fowlers, ‘FourW Twenty-one New Writing’, fourWpress

2010 Littoral, ‘Southerly 70/2’, Southerly

2010 In the Window, Get Reading, postcards distributed around Australia, an Australia Council initiative

2009 In a Small Patch of Jungle, ‘Island 119’, Island

2009 Filthy Things, ‘FourW Twenty New Writing’, fourWpress

2008 All too Unsaid, ‘FourW Nineteen New Writing’, fourWpress


2021-2022 WestWords Emerging Writers Fellowship for River. Mentor Delia Falconer.

2021 short story The Dunes - highly commended in WestWords Living Stories Competition

2021 Awarded a place in WestWords Academy

2020 Awarded a place in Queensland Writers Centre Publishable Program for River

2018 Awarded a place at the 2019 Queensland Writers Centre/Hachette Manuscript Development Program for River

2013 Runner up in NSW Writers’ Centre Varuna Fellowship for River

2013 Highly commended in ASA Mentorship for River

2010 Recipient of The Seed Grant for Intersections – a written narrative and public photographic exhibition on the lives of Sydney’s homeless windscreen washers.


October 2012 – curator, facilitator and speaker at ‘Words and Music’ panel discussion, NSW Writers’ Centre, with guests Simon Tadeschi and Deborah Dicembre.

May 2012 – Invited speaker at ‘Words and Music’ panel discussion at Sydney Writers’ Festival.

2010-2013 – Vice-chair of arts literary organisation Word Travels, founder of the Australian Poetry Slam.